Robert D. Price  


As a life long hunter Robert has spent many hours hunting and cleaning game. His passion for hunting led him to his interest in learning taxidermy. In high school he had a love for art and hunting. He never knew that one day he would be able to combine his passion for both of them to create a fulfilling career as a taxidermist.

Robert studied the art of taxidermy at the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training in Canon City, Colorado. With each day in class his excitement grew, as he was able to draw from his creative nature to sculpt and design beautiful taxidermy pieces. Slowly he realized that this was going to be more than just a job, he was going to be able to do something he loved.

Robert graduated from the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training in 2002. He moved back home to Bountiful and started Wasatch Ridge Taxidermy. Since then he has completed many pieces. He has experience in North American animals as well as in African animals. He has competed in many National and State level taxidermy competitions and has earned numerous awards for his artistry.


To gain his African experience, he did a safari in Zimbabwee Africa. He used his own animals to show his masterful ability to capture these animals in their own environment.