"Bring the wilderness into your home, have your trophy preserved."  



Our taxidermy mission statement is "To provide top of the line quality mounts to our customers in a timely manner." Our Taxidermist is trained and experienced in mounting animals of any speices, in both North America and African animals.

There are four typical mounting styles to choose from: 1. Shoulder Mount- this is the most common mount. It includes everything from the tops of the shoulders up to the head. 2. Bird Mounts- this is where the entire bird body is mounted. It can be displayed in a variety of wildlife settings. 3. European Mount- this is where the flesh of the head of the mount is cleaned off and the skull is bleached to a bright white. 4. Full Body Mount- this is where the entire body of the animal is mounted. (Inquire for full body mount details and custom order.)  For more details click on the coresponding links on the right side of the page.

Our Artists love to be creative, feel free to ask about custom designs and other features you may be interested in.



Shoulder Mounts

Bird Mounts

European Mounts